You'll not only lose weight and get in shape; you improve the way you think, move, and feel each day. You'll train your mind, work your body, and lift your spirit.


Zhivi Williams

Weight Loss: 22lbs.

I started the Tiffany Rothe program on December 3, 2012 and within 2 months I lost 20 pounds. The one thing I can truly say is the workout plan and eating schedule she has given to us works.  I like to tell people, if you work the plan, it will work for you. Since starting I have now changed the way I look at food. I eat very healthy and I love it. I love motivating and encourage women to do the best they can when losing weight. You have your up and down days, but the key is to keep going, no matter what.

When I started losing weight, it caused a chain reaction. My coworker started eating healthier, my mom started eating healthier, losing weight and working out. The women at my mom's church saw her losing weight and decided it was time for them to eat healthier and lose weight. I have also become certified Women's Fitness Specialist. If it wasn't for me joining Tiffany Rothe, none of these things would have happened. I am excited to be representing Tiffany Rothe as a Fitness Ambassador for the INNER CIRCLE.

Miami Mia

Weight Loss: 22lbs.

Because of Tiffany's INNER CIRCLE FITCLUB, I have found myself again. I still have a little way to go, but I feel so GREAT! You are the only person I've kept a fitness commitment with. You always had me coming back. I love you so much Tiffany, I think about you every time I get off track. You're the only person who's lead me to victory! I will always be grateful to you, and I promote you to almost everyone I know! I lost about 22 pounds within 6 months.

Thank you for helping me find my old self again, for letting me feel beautiful again...for making me believe that confidence and happiness comes from within, and that it was never about losing the weight, it was all about being FIT and knowing how to be forever FABULOUS! Bless you and your family! LOVE YOU!

Dora Sanchez

Weight Loss: 20lbs.

I believe there comes a time in a woman's life when we wonder... How did I ever allow myself to gain so much weight? The answer or excuses are quite simple, I got married, or the kids did this to me, etc. The reality is that somehow we lost our individuality and some of us focus on EATING!! I was one of them, I thought I was happy, but the truth is I wasn't, even close to my ideal happiness. 

Even though I have worked out for so many years it was not until one day I decided to really listen to what Tiffany told us constantly, "We are warriors, we set our own limitations. If you fall what do you do? You stand up! "  And I did, I figured it out, we are what we eat!!  Slowly but surely my eating habits started to change according to Tiffany's food plan and I became ADDICTED TO the workouts and now, I walk with my head up high, knowing that I did it!

I used to weigh 167 pounds and now at my 147 pounds I feel FANTASTIC! It has not been easy, it has taken a lot of discipline and determination, but if I did it, I know YOU can!!!  Never ever give up, stay focused in the end you will see the results not only physically but also spiritually!!! Thank you, Tiff!

Stephanie Reed

Weight Loss: 20lbs.

My 30 day goal was to lose to pounds and I did it! I started with Tiffany wanting to lose 20 pounds but I have learned so much during that time that my I have set my sights much higher. It is about overall health improvement. Yes, I'm excited that I am halfway to my overall goal and that my waist has shrunk considerably already. I am very proud of my results so far.

There are several benefits that I did not anticipate. Five days into the plan I went to have my routine hair coloring. I did foil coloring to give my dry hair shine and a multi-tonal color.  My hairdresser said "We don't need to color your hair because your color looks amazing".  She also said, "I always use chi oil on your hair, and I don't need to because it is so shiny". After 5 days I was so much healthier from the inside out that you could see it in my hair.  Also, my skin was no longer dry and my dark circles were gone.  I have had dark circles since I was a child. That was a huge wake up call for me that my body had been deficient in nutrients for my entire life! Ladies, these results were after 5 days! I am so thankful to Tiffany for helping me not only look better and feel better about myself but for improving my overall health! It's time to stop thinking about doing something, and do it. You could not be putting your health into better hands.

Robin Graves

Weight Loss: 19lbs.

I feel I'm now ready for level 2.  I have been through Level one 4 times.  I began Feb 4, 2014 and have been referred back to level one 2 additional times.  I just continued with it until the end of June.  I've lost a total of 19 lbs - 4 inches from my waist and 3 inches off my thigh.  I incorporated some WOW into my routines in order to mix things up a little. 

At the end of May, I'd gained 3 lbs back...don’t know why because I kept to the level 1 schedule and felt leaner.  I now weigh 138 lbs...I was 157 when I began. 

Aside from my abs and arms, I can also see the definition in my thighs. Thank you Tiffany Rothe...YES, IT WORKS!


Weight Loss: 18lbs.

I started to consider joining Tiffany's INNER CIRCLE after I saw many success stories there. I totally lost 18 pounds in 3 months. It doesn't seem much but my clothes told me I did a "not bad" job! I still need to keep going to meet my goal. I hope I'll tell to all of you awesome ladies that I did another "not bad" job 3 months later. I commit to be FFF!

Wanda Green

Weight Loss: 13lbs.

I discovered Tiffany's workouts when a friend wrote a post on FaceBook.  I tried a few of the routines and found that I enjoyed them very much.  The only thing that was missing for me was a good meal plan.  I was the type that believed that working out gave me a free pass to eat whatever I wanted. 

After visiting Tiffany's website, I decided to join the ICFC and boy I'm glad I did!!!  Following the meal plan and workout schedule have produced amazing results that I can actually see.  I now make better food choices everyday and I enjoy exercising even more.  The support and encouragement of the ICFC members have been amazing.  I consider the ICFC a part of my family.  Thanks for letting me be a member!

Adriana Räisänen

Weight Loss: 12lbs.

So, my one year membership is expiring in one week and I feel strong and confident enough to take everything I've learnt in the Inner Circle and continue this journey on my own. For me, this has been a year of accomplishments in so many ways and I couldn't be more grateful to Tiffany, her team and the IC ladies! Thank you Tiffany for giving me the tools to turn my life around and to get rid of all the excess weight that was dragging me down physically and emotionally! Thank you IC ladies for being a constant source of inspiration, motivation, strength and unconditional support!

So, some statistics to support my claims  I don't weigh myself because I don't really trust the scale, so I rely on taking pictures and how I fit in clothes. I went from a EU size 42 (which was getting tight) to a EU 36/38 (depends on the fabric) and have gotten back into a shape where I can wear things that I wasn't able or confident to wear in years. I am in the best physical shape of my life and I feel stronger and fitter than ever. My husband has lost a lot of weight since I started this process by eating what I'm eating and exercising and some of my friends and family members got inspired by my progress and are working out.

Changing my eating habits has helped me so much: my skin looks better and shinier, I have tons of energy, my menstruation isn't painful anymore and, even on candy days, I feel like eating much healthier than I normally would have because my body can't digest heavily processed food anymore. I love who I've become, the inner strength that comes from living a balanced and disciplined life and the confidence I feel every day from being my personal best. For me, this is not a diet plan, it's a life style and if I can do it, absolutely anyone can!


Heike Fischer

Weight Loss: 9lbs.

Dear Tiffany, this is my physical change! Thank you for your great offer to us women to learn to be not afraid of our feminine power but to enjoy our bodies and be grateful for what we are! Your workouts and food plan are more than aerobics or a dance class although that is fun, too. Your program done over a while is also listening and internalizing your words while doing the movements every day.

I eat different, I move different - I feel much better! And the support of the people in the ICFC is so wonderful! Great program! Someone has asked on Facebook, who is your favorite online fitness instructor: Tiffany Rothe!!!!!