You'll not only lose weight and get in shape; you improve the way you think, move, and feel each day. You'll train your mind, work your body, and lift your spirit.


Letisha Jackson

Weight Loss: 130lbs.

When I started with the Inner Circle in February 2012, I had only the intention of losing weight, getting fit, and just gain a higher sense of happiness. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind, my defeated and tired mentality would change because I was starting out very heavy. As a new member, you ask us to provide a picture of our current body and list our goals. With fear in my heart, I uploaded my picture and listed my goals and waited for the rude comments, jeers, and under handed remarks about my appearance, that one normally receives in online forums.  Instead of being made to feel bad about how I had put my nutrition and fitness to the side, I was warmly welcomed and encouraged by all the ladies to do my best. You and the ladies on the board encouraged me so much that I instantly felt like I could do this. With that, I told myself, "All you needed is the do the work." That's what I did. You know the rest of my story. I am so appreciative that I found your program. I am eternally grateful. I wish there were more words to express my gratitude to you.

My outlook on life is fresher, not because I am smaller or physically stronger, but because I know once I complete my Tiffany Rothe workouts, I have told myself, "You matter. You are loved. You are strong. You are inspiring. You have a purpose." I am so much braver and free of what I thought were strong holds in my life. I still experience sorrows and disappointments just like anyone else, but now, my outlook on life is so different, that those experiencing the same issues, think I am naïve to the situations at hand. It's not that all. I can either let life bring me down and be a negative force or I can use that situation to smile, empower my reactions, and focus on things that I can change.  Who knew cleaning up your nutrition and working out could do all of that? HA! I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't talk to someone about your program. Your Vision to help women on an international level has now become part of my vision, as well.  Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for getting me started with the Ambassador program. I am going to do my best and make you proud. I want every woman to feel like how I do: STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, POWERFUL, and most importantly, FIT! FIERCE! FABULOUS!

Paulien Stam

Weight Loss: 77lbs.

I've changed my lifestyle when I finally realized that I deserve a healthy body and mind. Positive thinking, eating healthy and TRW is what got me this far! Go for it!
I've started my weight loss journey in 2012 by eating healthy and doing Tiffany's workouts on YouTube. I've lost 35 kg since then :)

Pushkal Pandey

Weight Loss: 70lbs.

Being a member of the  ICFC is one of the greatest gifts I had given to my body. All credit goes to Tiffany Rothe for giving me a new life. I was 78 kg when I had started the program. In six months I had reduce to 46 kg. This is really an achievement for me!  

Flat abs and lean body has been a preoccupation of mine since I was an obese child. I had tried everything -  peels, different workouts, starving ... but all went into vein. People made fun of me and I was shy when attending parties. But, now I changed through Tiffany and everybody admires at my body.

Meriem Merabet

Weight Loss: 57lbs.

So many things have changed for me since I joined the ICFC, not just in my body but also in my mind and in myself as a person. Loosing weight has been my biggest motivator when I first joined, but it is now only a side effect of a much bigger and much more profound life changing process. Being part of the INNER CIRCLE not only motivates me to workout and adopt healthy eating habits, but it also taught me that these changes are for life..

I no longer say I am following a 'diet', I now know that I'm changing my life for the better :)  I am so much happier and more confident now than I've ever been before! And the best thing is knowing that this is only the beginning, the road is still long but I'm enjoying the ride! I think the inner circle is one of the best things that have ever happened to me and I am so grateful to Tiffany Rothe to have given me this once in a lifetime opportunity the be the best 'me' that I can ever be with her support and that of all the lovely IC members without whom I wouldn't have stuck to this for so long!

Marianne Rothe

Weight Loss: 44lbs.

Marianne Rothe had never done a fitness class in her life, but she did not let that stop her, she was completely uncoordinated, but she did not let that stop her, she could barely speak English and no Spanish, but she did not let that stop her. At was 62 and the oldest one in the class, but she did not let that stop her. I told her to give up her coffee for water and her potatoes and meats for veggies and fish, and she did not let that stop her, she never wasted words on saying “I can’t” she just showed up and said “ I will do the best that I can”.

Here are some photos of her before she started ICFC program. She had been at this weight for over 40 years. And here she is now after 6 months living with me, following my INNER CIRCLE food plan and doing my workouts. She is 44 pounds lighter and looks 10 years younger. She is the perfect example of being Fit, Fierce and Fabulous at any age. I am so proud of her I wanted to introduce her to you to let you know that everything is possible, with constant and consistent commitment!! Come on out Marianne!!!

Robin Miller

Weight Loss: 42lbs.

My name is Robin Miller. I’ve lost 40 pounds and gone from a size 14 to size 6. My body has gone thru a complete transformation. Not only have I lost weight but my body has also toned. My arms are defined and slimmer and my core is much stronger. 

Before starting the Tiffany Rothe workouts I made everyone a priority and forgot about me…now I am the priority! Working out and making healthier food choices is now important to me. I now take care of myself from the inside out. When I look in the mirror I love the person starring back at me. Not only do I love what I see but I love the person on the inside. I have more confidence, self-discipline, love and respect for God’s creation...ME!!!!

Throughout this process I have always kept Tiffany’s motto in mind…Train the mind, Work the body and Lift the spirit. For a woman approaching 40, I feel younger, more vibrant, sexy and full of life.

Daisy Deloso

Weight Loss: 33lbs.

I used to hate taking photos of myself but i got few photos of the old me, before I discovered Tiffany Rothe workouts in YouTube. I am so thankful to Tiffany Rothe for changing my life, not just physically but my entire womanity.

Kavitha Subramaniam

Weight Loss: 28lbs.

I am Kavitha a member of the INNER CIRCLE FitClub group. To my knowledge, I have always been obese. Not overweight, but obese. Being an obese child, you could guess what I would have been through. Discrimination, teasing, humiliation... name it. I could remember being 93 Kg and 162 cm tall at 16, the heaviest weight in my life. It was really painful to be pin pointed as the ugliest girl in the class. I used to focus a lot in my studies to keep my mind away from all the humiliation. I lost a few kilos to fit into the overweight group during early 20s. I have always been 78 kgs from then. I would have lost or gain 2-4 kgs but somehow be back to my 78 kg.

In 2012, I got an opportunity to speak to a dietitian on treatments given to the obese patients. It clicked to me that I should try it out myself. One day by God's grace I saw "Booty Shaking Waist Workout" by Tiffany Rothe. I just loved it! I started to follow a few more of TRWorkouts. It clicked to me that I need professional help. I signed up for the INNER CIRCLE membership. Now I am 65 Kg, feeling fit fierce and fabulous! It may not be a great achievement compared to many others, but it is a very meaningful transformation for me. For once in life I can walk into the cloth shops feeling confident. My jeans size decreased from 36 to 32. There is no need to go to special places where you have XXXL sizes anymore. Wow that feels great.

Thank you Tiffany, you have helped to me to achieve a dream I thought will never become true! Something that I really really like about you is that you have taught us to respect ourselves and not to use negative words on ourselves. So now I think n tell my friends lets get flat sexy abb rather than let's get rid off this fat and flabby stomach. It does make a difference! Thanks again Tiffany.

Ebony Tubbs

Weight Loss: 22lbs.

Hello Tiffany! Once again I would like to thank you for bringing this wonderful program into my life. Although I got off to a rough start and it has taken me a little longer than I thought I have reached (and been able to sustain) my Phase-1-goal weight of reaming below 170. I now feel I am ready for the next Level! Thank you!!

Norma Lomeli

Weight Loss: 22lbs.

My name is Norma and I wanted to share my happiness with all of you! Thanks to Tiffany's INNER CIRCLE program, I lost 17 pounds in just one month and a half!!!
Thank you so much Tiffany! You helped me a lot, you motivate me, you take your time to answer and guide me, your workouts are really easy to follow and they're fun! God bless you!